5 Simple Questions To Ask When Buying A Horse

Ask The Right Questions

Buying a horse is a big commitment no matter if you are an experienced rider or just starting out on your equestrian dreams. There are many questions that should go through one’s mind when thinking about a big purchase such as a horse. Horses come in all shapes and sizes. They are used for many different types of riding styles and activities. Do you want a purebred or would you rather go for more of a quarter horse mixed breed? Many different aspects of each individual breed are very important in making your decision.


  1. What are the horse’s personality and manner? And does he/she for with your personality? I believe this a great question to ask. This question pretty much sets the standard of how your horse and what type of riding class and or activities he or she would make a good fit Beginners especially children just starting out want a horse with a low temperament and easygoing demeanor making the horse very easy to handle A horse with a little more spunk could mean maybe they spook easily and would make then a little harder to handle, these type of horses would most likely be better for a more experienced rider to take charge of . Not only giving a little challenge to the rider but the horse becoming more familiar with the riders/drivers commands.


  1. What is the horse’s age? A horse’s age can mean a world of difference. From a 2 or 3-year-old being best in the racing world to a 10-12-year-old having the experience in ring jumping, To a 4-8-year-old having the stamina and experience for riding styles such as barrel racing, cross country, and carriage horses. A horse’s age can also have an effect on health issues. (Also depending on riding styles/activities)


  1. Ask previous owners what the horse was used for? Why have they decided to give up the horse? Did the horse have other owners? Get the horses back round and history and previous uses. Is he/she were giving up because they didn’t listen, were they difficult performing the tasks needed by the rider/driver. Find out any past awards or achievements. This puts a good perspective on future goals you have achieved with your horse.


  1. What is the horse’s health history? Always make sure to ask for any vet records. To make sure there was or are no illnesses or broken bones, strain tendons etc. Vets can be very expensive, and bills can pile up fast. So make sure to know what you are getting into before you purchase your new best friend.


  1. Does the horse have any bad habits? Some horses are known to have habits of biting, gnawing on wood to getting spooked or just being stubborn. If you can make sure to get some one on one time, ask for a test drive and just keep an eye out on how the horse reacts to you.

So these are just 5 simple and easy questions on helping you make a better understanding to finding your new horse. If you feel you need more knowledge on your side try recruiting a trainer or vet to better help you understand your important decision.

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