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Load Up Your Horse

Having a horse trailer brings the freedom to take your horse to different places as necessary.  It also comes in handy when there is an urgent medical need.  You can mobilize your horse at a moment’s notice.  But when it comes to trailering a horse for the first time, things could get difficult.  With proper guidance and practice, you can quickly learn to trailer your horse like a pro.  Here are some tips that will make your horse trailering hassle-free:

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Here are some tips that will make your horse trailering hassle-free:

Preparing The Trailer
Keep the interior of the trailer clean.  Perform a quick safety check and make sure there are no sharp metal edges in the trailer.  Re-check the tire pressure.  Check if the doors and latches of your trailer are secure.  Use floor mats if the trailer has a slippery surface.  It is recommended to have a safety kit that includes bandages, pain relievers, and leg wraps.

Horse Trailer

Preparing Your Horse
Some horses don’t like it when you load them onto a trailer.  If not done properly, they might resist and fight back.  So, you should start slowly by letting your horse check out the trailer first.  Never force your horse to get in.  Pat him for every positive step he takes.  The loading process may take more than one attempt.  Let him back out if he gets uncomfortable at any instant.  When your horse gets in, don’t shut the doors immediately.  Instead, let him get comfortable in there and then close the doors.

Loading Your Horse
Park your trailer on a level surface.  If you have a side by side style trailer, loading your horse in the left stall will result in a better balance.  For a slant load trailer, load him in the front stall.  Using a leather or nylon halter is highly recommended.  The halter should break away in the case of an emergency.  You can use shipping boots to protect your horse’s legs while loading.  You can choose not to tie your horse in the trailer.  If you want to secure your horse into the trailer, you should use a trailer tie.  Don’t keep the rope of the tie too tight.  Finally, use a butt strap to secure your horse from the back and close all the doors properly.

When you are driving a truck loaded with a horse, you need to drive gently.  The horse standing in the trailer can find it difficult to balance himself if you drive rashly.  Also, make sure you keep the windows open for proper ventilation.  While trailering horse on long trips, make sure you take frequent breaks.  Your horse needs rest to unlock its legs.  You don’t need to take your horse out.  Just give him some water and check for injuries.

Unloading Your Horse
Look for a level ground with enough space while parking your trailer.  To remove the horse from the trailer, attach the lead rope and then untie the horse.  Remove the butt bar and lower the ramp doors.  Take him out slowly and make sure there is no tangling of any ropes near his legs.  To protect yourself from getting injured, never stand behind the horse while he is backing out.

Once out, offer him some water and check for injuries.

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